Hire Terms and Conditions


This agreement made on the date set out in the online booking between SCOTT DEVERIL and the person whose name appears in the online booking confirms an arrangement for hire by the customer from the hirer of the equipment described in the online booking of the schedule on the following terms.

  1. The customer shall hire the equipment for the hire period noted in the online booking.

  2. The customer will return the equipment to the hirer at the end of the hire period in good condition.

  3. If the equipment is not returned to the hirer prior to the end of the hire period the customer shall pay an additional rent (one additional hour charge).

  4. The customer shall only use the equipment at the lake it was hired from.

  5. The customer shall use the equipment in a safe and proper manner in accordance with all of the laws, regulations and orders that govern use of the equipment and will not in using the equipment endanger the life or property of other people.

  6. The customer shall be liable for the costs associated if the equipment is lost, destroyed or damaged.

  7. The customer will not lend, sub-let or mortgage the equipment or in any other manner dispose of or deal with the same.

  8. The customer will pay all legal and other enforcement fees occasioned to the hirer in the event of breach by the customer of the terms of this agreement including but not limiting collections of fees set our herein.

  9. The customer agrees that the hirer and its agents shall not be held responsible for any accident or damage resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the equipment unless such an accident or damage arises out of the negligent act or default of the hirer or its agents shall only be liable for direct damages and not consequential loss.

  10. The customer warrants that all personal information in the schedule is true and correct.

  11. The customer warrants that he/she is familiar with the operation of the equipment.